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Finally Acting My Age

Custom Excerpt

Our life change story features Analia Glova from Trinity Fitness Ponte Vedra.

I had a wake-up call last year when I was 14. I found out that my sugar levels were at the pre-diabetic level. I knew I had to make a change in my life. I started attending Trinity Fitness, Ponte Vedra with my mom, and I really enjoyed it. It didn’t seem like a task to go and workout like everything else had before. I originally went for the exercise, but I continued to go because I enjoyed the time with the trainers and other warriors. After continuing to work out at Trinity Fitness, I decided to join Marathon High at Nease High School. I never wanted to join this club before, because I felt like I wouldn’t be good enough, but I felt way more confident after attending Trinity Fitness for a while. I was able to complete the Gate River Run and a half marathon in March of this year!

I also began attending a women’s Bible study group at Trinity Fitness, and the best thing is that I found God my own way without being told how and what my relationship with Him should be like. I now recognize Him in my life.

I learned a lot about health by working out at Trinity Fitness and attending many of the nutrition presentations held this year. Because of these health presentations, I know when I grow up I want to become a nutritionist. I can make my own decisions on how to combine diet and exercise to keep my sugar levels normal. I know that exercise will always need to be part of my life, along with finding alternatives to sugary foods. I have also learned how important God is in my life and how He always will be.

I am thankful that my health is now where it should be, and I can go out and splurge with my friends like a normal teenager. I am so glad we found Trinity Fitness. This gym has definitely changed me on the inside and outside!