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Spiritually Strong

Custom Excerpt

Our Life Change story features Jennifer Bennewitz from Trinity Fitness Melbourne.

I am a single mother of two; a teenager who was very active in school sports and a young adult who was busy planning her college path. WOW! Do they keep me on my toes. I work full time for a non-profit organization with children who have been victims of a crime. As you can imagine, this job is very stressful. Although not physically demanding, it causes significant mental stress, anguish, and at times long days and/or late nights. Additionally, my job is also sedentary due to endless report writing. I saw the toll it was taking on my body and health and I tried several different gyms; however, I never really stuck with any of them. A friend of mine continuously invited me to try Trinity Fitness but I graciously declined for no other reason then my life was too busy; how could I commit to one more thing?! Time kept ticking away and I felt horrible about the fact that I had let myself get so out of shape. I was tired, of feeling sick and tired, and finally decided to see what all this Trinity Fitness stuff was about. That first day, I was greeted by two trainers and several warriors who were encouraging and supportive throughout my first battle.

Six months have passed since that first day and I now cannot imagine my life without Trinity Fitness. If losing pounds of fat, building muscle, and developing new positive relationships weren’t enough; I have also grown as a Christian! The devotions keep me reflecting on God’s word throughout the week and in turn, it makes me a better mother, daughter, friend, employee, and Christ-follower. Even when the days are hard, I remember I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and Trinity Fitness ensures that not only am I physically strong, but also spiritually strong.