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Physically and Spiritually Energized

Custom Excerpt

Our life change story features Carol Staack from Trinity Fitness Beachside.

Just want to say how much I love Trinity Fitness. I was visiting Satellite Beach FL for the months of November and December last year. I went to Trinity Fitness Beachside as much as I could. At first, it was to get the physical workout but then I soon discovered that after spending the 50 minutes there, I was walking out feeling so happy and energized both physically and spiritually.

So touched by the support and sense of community. I am overwhelmed with admiration for the staff/trainers and for my fellow workout partners. I am back on the west coast (California, not the gulf coast) and go to my regular gym and get the physical but miss the full package that I get at Trinity Fitness. I can’t wait to go back when I’m back in May.