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Our life change story features Jill Mimbs from Trinity Fitness Suntree.

I was 48, had raised two kids and my husband and I had an empty nest. I had spent the previous 20+ years raising my children and focusing my time, energy, and efforts on my career, and running two active kids to all their events – including one, our daughter, who played competitive softball and was in the marching band. Her schedule alone was a 7 day a week commitment from sunrise until long after sunset. I used to leave work at the end of the day, grab dinner for us both, pick her up at Viera High as band practice ended, and drive her to Orlando for her comp softball practice that ended at 930pm. Looking back, I don’t know how we did it. The pace of life then left little time to focus on me and did not lead to the best eating habits. It was easy for me to fall out of shape and to drift away from God too.

The 1st time I walked into Trinity Fitness, I felt at home and did not feel out of place the way I had when I’d tried out other gyms throughout the years. I remember how hard those first weeks and months were and how sore my body was but the positive atmosphere and encouragement kept me coming back. And it did my soul good to hear the devos and see other warriors’ lights shine through. Trinity Fitness helped me get into shape both physically and spiritually. It reminded me what is important in life! And, the friendships that have developed are just the icing on the cake!

I’m a warrior, trainer, Christian, and athlete. While I’ve always been a Christian, my walk with God is much closer and healthier now. And I love that I’ve been provided the opportunity as a trainer to give back to others as well. Also, now my spare time is spent being much more active which I’m enjoying too. Trinity Fitness has definitely led me to push myself in ways that I never thought about before and I’m having more fun than I ever imagined I would!