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More than a Gym

Our life change story features Logan James from Trinity Fitness Ponte Vedra.

I initially walked into Trinity Fitness Ponte Vedra for the workout, plain and simple. I grew up a baseball player, and after playing in college, I got into some distance running, and then metabolic conditioning. Once Trinity Fitness opened, I was at a point where I was looking for ‘something else’.

Over the first few months, I was excited for each workout; I start going 3 times a week, and increased from there. During the announcements and devotional, I would think about the ‘battle’ that was on the board, and pay no attention to the message or challenge.

Later that fall, I was asked to be a trainer at Trinity Fitness Ponte Vedra, which I pretty much laughed at. I didn’t own a bible. I didn’t need Jesus (nor knew who he was). I didn’t need change. My life was ‘perfect’. With the leadership, discipleship, encouragement, and love from the Facility Directors, volunteer trainers and all other Trinity Fitness leaders, the gospel message was continual shared with me, and God took care of the rest.

I am humbled and thankful that I am now able to lead my family (wife Meg, who is now also a trainer at Trinity Fitness, and our two sons) in a Christ-centered home. My faith and hope lies with Jesus Christ, and Meg and I are willing and ready to share the gospel message with others (Matthew 28: 16-20).

Trinity Fitness has changed me (and my family) on the inside and out, and I am forever grateful and thankful for this place. Trinity Fitness is truly more than a gym.