AT HOME Trinity Fitness

Welcome to our Trinity Fitness Online programming. We know there are a lot of places you can get online programming, but you’re choosing Trinity Fitness because you know that caring for your soul is just as important if not more than your physical body. With Trinity Fitness’ online programming you’ll get both! We believe they go hand in hand.

Why do we call the workouts battles?

Let’s get you familiar with our terminology. First, our workouts are called Battles because sometimes life can feel like a battle and we want to help you be successful through your battles of life. Those that workout at Trinity Fitness are called warriors because a man in the Bible, Gideon, was going into a battle himself. He was afraid and in need of some encouragement. In that moment, God encouraged Gideon by calling him a “mighty warrior.” We believe that God sees you as a mighty warrior!


Trinity Fitness has a vision of Healthy People Inside and Out in Every Community Across America and that includes YOU! We hope to bring you the same great fitness experience even though you may not be near one of our brick and mortar locations.

What can you expect?
  • Great devotionals multiple times per week to keep you spiritually encouraged
  • Challenging battles (workouts) that are 100% scaleable to your fitness level.
  • Battle (workout) demonstration videos so you can understand  the movements
  • Warm up and cool down videos.
  • Encouragement and Coaching  acountability
  • A fitness community to cheer you on
  • Nutrition and wellness tips and info on Tuesdays
  • Mobility videos on Thursdays
  • Spiritual lessons and sermons on Sundays
Here is a sample of the videos you will get with the At Home Workout program.

**Additional videos to help you get started with your At Home Workouts.

Warm up:

Cool down: