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“If you were to ask me where I thought we would be 4 years ago, this would not have even crossed my mind…

In 2013 we decided to move to Florida, because Jeremy received a promotion in his job. In these 4 years, God was preparing us to move again. When we moved to Florida we built a brand-new home in one of the fastest growing communities in America. Our kids went to the BEST school, they were involved in lots activities, and going to the Splash water park and beach weekly. Within these two years, Jeremy and I got involved with Trinity Fitness. We became trainers and started sharing Jesus with the warriors. It was also during this time we started developing amazing friendships and connections. At the same time, through the push and accountability of these same people, we grew more and more hungry for Jesus. Before long Jeremy and I both felt the tug at our own hearts to serve more.

Even though we believe serving in our own back yards is needed; we felt that there was something bigger for us. We also started to feel more uncomfortable in our skin, that our home was too big for us and we didn’t need all the things we thought we did. We truly believe that during this time God was molding us and stripping us of worldly things.

Jeremy got a call from his Job telling him he no longer had a job. This was about 2 years ago and completely rocked our world. We still thought that we could live in our home, which was a joke. When God has a plan for you, He will make sure nothing gets in the way. When we finally gave in and put our house on the market it was like 30 medicine balls lifted off my shoulders. Because we didn’t simplify when we should have God did it for us. We went through Dave Ramsey finical freedom classes, we started selling our belongings. We sold our home and paid off all of our debt. This was very humbling for us. We really had nothing: Our whole life was in a small pod. We could’t have done any of this without our family, church and Trinity Fitness for support and love. We are truly grateful for all the amazing friendship we have gained through Trinity Fitness.

We moved in with friends and waited. Yes, we waited. We had no idea what was next. We knew God had something for us but didn’t know exactly what; we prayed a lot and kept working through our networks: Trinity Fitness, our family, #noplaceleft, our church, fellowshipping with our friends, reading and spending time in the Bible. We were planning on taking a mission trip to Guatemala. This mission is through a place called Buena Vista Sports Academy for Boys. They have academies in Guatemala and Honduras. The vision at these academies is to try and break generational patterns of abuse and absence of male figures in the community. We were presented with an opportunity to visit Honduras while on mission in Guatemala. Not only were we asked to visit, we were asked to start praying about the idea of going and living and serving long term as missionaries.

We visited Guatemala and Honduras from July 29th– August 7th. During our time in Honduras, we worked hard to clean up the academy and talk with people in the community. We met a lot of the kids in the community and spent a ton of time praying and talking with God. We asked God during a prayer circle to show us an audible sign that we needed to be there. God sent His messenger that day. The messenger told us “the community needs us there to share the light of Jesus and plant seeds”. We are planning on leaving October 4th 2017. We will move our whole family to Travesia, Honduras.

Our lives have changed…”

Jeremy & Maria Foster // Trinity Fitness Ponte Vedra

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