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“As long as I can remember I was an emotional eater. Before Trinity Fitness I used food to celebrate every special occasion in my life. I tried every fad diet program from counting calories to measuring every portion of food, meal replacements, lean cuisine meals, you name it, I have tried it. Most times I would lose about 10 pounds; then I would get frustrated and quit. Always I would gain the weight back sometimes more than I lost. In 2011 I was wearing a woman’s plus sized 16 and I weighed almost 200 pounds. I was ready to give up on the idea that I would ever be a physically fit person.

In 2012, my good friends Joe and Kathy Tom invited me to a Trinity Fitness Beachside workout at 5:30 am. It was hard, not only physically but to go at o’dark thirty! There was a devotion that morning and we all prayed before our workout. The trainers were very encouraging and everyone had such a positive attitude. I was hooked. I started going on a regular basis and I enjoyed learning the movements and exercises at Trinity Fitness. I loved to hear the personal devotions and testimonies of the trainers. It was amazing to see how the spiritual connected to the physical body. I found myself reciting scripture during my workouts. I had never experienced that at any other gym or workout class. A large contribution to my success are the nutritional seminars that Trinity Fitness held over the years presented by Jason Palmisano. I learned about clean eating and how what I ate was 80% and my workouts were only 20%. I was transformed by the information in those seminars.

I cannot imagine my life without Trinity Fitness. Not just Trinity Fitness itself but the community I have met over the years. It has been 5 years since my first workout at Trinity Fitness and I have lost over 35 pounds and I am down 4 dress sizes. I have completed 2 half marathons and countless 5K’s. Trinity Fitness is a way of life. My way of life. I still go to the 5:30 am class 3-4 times a week. In the same way that you cannot separate Jesus out of my life and I cannot imagine life without Trinity Fitness. It’s more than a gym, it’s a ministry, a community of believers, and a huge part of my life.”

Autumn Lawler – Trinity Fitness Palm Bay

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