Daily Devo and Battle

Battle Dice AMRAP in 27 minutes

*Grab two different colored dice. One will dictate your exercise, the other your number of reps each role. Add five reps to each roll

1 – Burpees (^Trinity Press with dumbbells Barbell Power Clean + Press)

2 – Leg Lifts

3 – Handstand hold in seconds (Plank 2x seconds, static bear, low chair , high bar stool or wall)

4 – One Arm Bent Over Rows (Kettlebell, dumbbells, milk jug, propane tank or -barbell two hands)

5 – Mt Climbers 1:1, 2:2

6 – Squat ^Squat holding weight hugged to your chest ^^Deadlift with Barbell, or Su-mo Deadlift High Pull w/ Kettle Bell Body Weight Version • Bent Over Rows: Sub Towel Ring Rows

*Share a completion picture on your SugarWod app

**Can download free app “Dice” Dice Roller App (has multi colored dice)

**Additional videos to help you get started with your Virtual Battles.

Warm up: https://youtu.be/kTJH1FgpsUo

Cool down: https://youtu.be/x5LnA4sJKTI