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Our life change story features Amanda Hernandez from Trinity Fitness Suntree.

I’ve worked out in many different gym atmospheres over the years. Some, I would maintain a regular workout schedule and some I would go for a while and then slide off and not go for long lengths of time. Looking back, I realize that the gyms that offered challenging workouts and where I felt a sense of belonging and accountability is where I flourished the most. However, as my walk with the Lord deepened many gyms made me feel uneasy. My first day at Trinity Fitness was so refreshing and inspiring. This was an atmosphere where I was challenged in every workout. From setting PR’s, going faster and heavier, joining the clean eating challenge or participating in the Trifecta, there is always something new and challenging for me in my fitness journey. The accountability came in when I saw the commitment of those in my 5:30am class. They are all true warriors! On many mornings when I just don’t feel like getting up, I think of the warriors that I know will be in class and that encourages me to get up. Once I do, I never regret it. I love the welcoming I get from the trainers and the energy of everyone there.

But truly I would say that what means the most to me about Trinity Fitness is the sense of belonging and community that I’ve gained. Last November, my son was moving to California and I was struggling as the move date approached. After sharing that through prayer request time I had many people tell me they were praying for him, asking me how he is doing and showing concern for how I was doing through that time. There have been countless devo’s given as if they were written just for me. During a time of spiritual attack last year, as I was accepting a new position in ministry, a devo was given that brought me to my knees in praise to the Lord. They were the exact words and scripture that I needed to endure through the attacks and stand firm in moving forward with what God was calling me to do. I later shared that scripture and a piece of that devo in a women’s Bible study as an encouragement to others. A year later I still have women share how much that encouraged them. I have found that Trinity Fitness is more than a gym. It is a community of believers, coming alongside one another to share the love of Jesus and encourage each other. I love to be challenged physically but when challenged spiritually I know that I can’t go it alone. God has placed Trinity Fitness in my life to be a place where I can be carried through in those times.